Ed Fleming 

EdFleming"I have never had the pleasure of using Steve as my agent, as I live in Florida. But I well familiar with his character, work ethic and intelligence. In high school, Steve was both a football star, honor student, leader (he was class president), and yet never showed arrogance or aloftness. He was, and is, genuine in his character, which is impecable. His character flows from his deep and abiding faith in God. He doesn't wear that faith on his shift sleeves, but exhibits it in the manner in which he lives, and the way in which he treats others. Steve has always lived according to that ageless moral value: He treats others like he wants to be treated. That is sure to mean that as your insurance agent, you will get the best the industry has to offer, at a competitive price, sold by a smart and honorable agent."


Jeff Jenkins 

silhouette"Steve is an outstanding individual. It has been my privilege to be associated with him for forty years. I have always found him to be honest and helpful in everything he does. He cares deeply about people and his work is a blessing to everyone who knows him. It is a pleasure to highly recommend him for all of your insurance needs."


Bill Denton 

BillDenton"I have known Steve Watts for more than 20 years. He is honest, hard-working, and dependable. He's more than just a businessman. He truly cares about his clients."



Debbie Kea 

DebbieKia"Steve Watts is a consummate professional who also brings with him an attitude of friendly assistance. He has always answered any question I have ever had quickly and with a high level of knowledge. I appreciate his personal standard of honesty with and loyalty to his clients. After a relationship of 17 years, my trust has never wavered."


Reggie Graham

ReggieGraham"I know Mr. Watts from our church of Christ congregation in Atlanta Georgia. He has always been a man iv'e always looked up to in life and is a great example of how more people should be.

 Mr. Steve has taught me the value of a dollar, and that it is not always easy earning money by having to use muscle power and doing laborious type work. This has taught me to study hard and do as well as i can in school to use my mind to earn money.

 He stands out form other professionals because of his love and care for others. He is always looking to help out others for whatever they may need. He has a gentle and caring heart that is not easily matched by others. Mr. watts is a staple in my life and in the lives of so many others. He is the man for the job!"


Sandt Roberts

SandyRoberts"Steve's caring for people is evidenced in not only what he does for a living, but also what he does on his personal time. He has taken vacation time to go to third world countries to see what he can do to help the people who live there. He knows who in his circle of acquaintances are the ones who need help, and he either helps them himself or he connects them with someone who can. His character and integrity are such that I wish I lived in Jonesboro and could have him as my agent! Oh yes, he is also a character! :)"


Caryn Preston

CarynPreston"I have known Steve for well over 20 years, and he has always been one of the kindest, most helpful, Christian-like men I've known. Although I have never purchased insurance from him, he is always willing to lend an ear if I have a question about it. He has also given me excellent advice while I was in the job market. I would recommend Steve Watts' insurance agency to anyone!"


 Cindy Glick

CindyGlick"I have known Steve Watts for over 35 years and can attest to his honesty and integrity in every aspect of life. However, specifically regarding the insurance industry, Steve has answer each of my questions thoroughly and brought up situations I never would have thought of. He goes far beyond most agents in ensuring needs, questions and possible future event needs are answered."


 Dottie Humphries 

DottieHumfries"Steve is a personable and honest man. He is very interesed in helping people with any problem they may have. He has a pure heart and works hard in the mission field when he can arrange his work schedule for a week during the summer. He is a leader and one you can count on. I know him through our church, the Peachtree City Church of Christ.


 Kris Poor Hall 

KrisHall"Steve Watts has handled insurance for me for quite awhile. I could not ask for a more dedicated professional, who is also a kind and compassionate person. In this day and age of offshore call centers and endless press-4-for-more-option voicemail trees with nary a real person anywhere near, this is PRICELESS."


 Andrea Tinerella Norush 

AndreaNorush"I meet Steve threw a very close friend. He is an awesome friend and is always there to incurage me and give me advice. He is honest and kind and trustworthy and is always there for his friends. Im Blessed to know him on many levels."


 Hannah Sims 

HannaSims"Steve is a man that I am very close to. And will trust with anything and everything in my life. He will listen and then give advise and help you with whatever he can. Saves me a lot if stress and worry."


 Julie Corry

silhouette"I dealt with Steve when he had a client looking for a PR in Fla. but had a property for sell in Ga. Steve was very professional & tremendously helpful working through both properties."


 Rhonda Allen 

RhondaAllen"Have recommended Steve in the past and will continue to do so. He will do all in his power to give you the best value for the money but not compromise your needs!"


Mary Resha 

Mary Resha"After my Husband passed away, I found my self needing insurance for our Business,Steve answered all my questions and helped me get insurance i could afford !"


Karen Jones 

KarenJones"Steve is as honest as the day is light. You can't have anyone better in your corner than Steve. I've known him for over 40 years, pleasant, funny and caring."


Chris Belk 

ChrisBelk"I have personally known Steve for over 20 years and he has the highest of integrity and rock solid character. I would have 100% confidence in him."


 Jean Johnson 

JeanJohnsom"Steve is a great person, he cares about the people he is in contact with. Steve and I share the same reason for living," being a Christian.""


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