Insights of Camp Director

 John Moore, Polishing the Pulpit, 2016. 

These are the notes I took from a lectureship. My favorite idea is in bold below. 

  • No Junior counselors, kids in high schools who are in leadership positions. 
    • o   use them, but in a different way
  • What is a success camp portrait?
    • o   It’s conversions and restorations
  • Prayer and Purpose
    • o   Ephesians 3:14-21
    • o   in prayer-how will that spiritual growth come? 
    • o   we want to strengthen the inner man
    • o   careful of using rules devoid of a relationship
    • o   rules without relationships equal rebellion
    • o   Demonstrate it in our own lives
  • Management and Leadership Skills
    • o   paper
    • o   applications
    • o   communicaiton
    • o   get help if you are disorganized
  • Pre-Camp Meetings
    • o   get the right people on the bus
    • o   brain storming sessions
  • Qualified Staff that are deeply spiritual 
    • o   find people who want to be there. not the people who are available 
    • o   pair the old with young counselors
  • Reliable leaders in key areas of responsiblities
    • o   if you handle the logistics of the camp, the spiritual needs go to the back burner
    • o   God’s word is powerful but we have the responsibility to wield the powerful sword, don’t leave it to chance
    • o   find spiritual people
  • A daily schedule that has campers busy, engaged and active
    • o   when the day ends, they will fall asleep.
    • o   Stay busy with activities. 
  • Ideas and Insights
    • Begin and end the day with a devotional 
      • o   every day starts with invoking God’s aid
      • o   big circle at night called “family time” used for role call
      • o   and organized dismal 
        • §  send the young ones early, High School Kids stay and sing again.
        • §  who wants to share something positive that they saw positive happen today?
        • §  What did God do in your life today? 
        • §  group activity with purpose
  • Focus on spiritual needs of the campers
  • Engage them with good ciricullum 
  • Christ centered approach
    • o   forbid pranks, zero tolerance, send them home. 
    • o   was it Christ like to pull pranks on kids?
    • o   An adult feared a Chrisitan camp because of the effect some pranks had on him a long time ago
    • o   destroying property isn’t beneficial 
  • Teens assigned KP duty to match them up with the older kids who had KP. 
  • Emphasis on singing
    • o   added a signing class into the schedule daily-find the right person to teach it. 
    • o   in class there’s a focus on spiritual 

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