Let the Allied Brokers for churches of Christ, help you understand and protect all of the risks you will run into and all of the difficulties your congregation can face.

We will do this with a well prepared and executed insurance package designed just for Churches of Christ.


After being in the insurance business since 1979 and hundreds of times being asked "Why is there NO insurance program JUST for the Church, Camp and Children's Home?" I began a crusade to make it happen. 

All too often we were told that it cannot be done.  The first time we attempted to make this happen the question arose: "Doesn't the Church have a headquarters or main location where you can make a presentation and to help them them decide what to do?  If you are reading this then you know the answer to that question. We cannot do this alone.

Just to make sure you understand the size of the problem or issue at hand listen to these numbers.  There are more than 10,000 congregations in the US.  Add to that numerous K-12 schools ran my members of the churches of Christ, Children’s Homes, Summer Camps and lots of Social Services that are provided in various ministries around the country.  When you add the premium for these combined entities you will find somewhere between $27,000,000 and $50,000,000 in insurance premiums paid for all these policies.  Each year on average WE as the church leave about half of that premium on the table to cover or increase the surplus of insurance companies, pay expenses, and place in bank accounts as profit.

With those numbers in mind consider how much good work could be done if every few years our insurance company wrote us a letter stating that for the next year send in a $1 (one dollar) for each line of business you have purchased and go and do some work for the Lord with the savings.

There will need to be numerous members of the Church who are licensed in the insurance business to help. The elders or business men are slow to act.  Many risk issues are totally ignored by folks trying to save souls and increase the population of heaven which is what we are all about but someone needs to be concerned about price and safety of our members. Most are smaller congregations and they are the ones who go without needed knowledge to protect the Lord’s local church. 

We are those people to do just that. Let us help.

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