In this day and age it just doesn’t seem to be loaded with activity it really is loaded. After a week this past August at Polishing the Pulpit and having more than 100 conversations about insurance of various types and reasons for or not having something covered my eyes are opened. So, that leads us to today’s conversation.

Three congregations that all have 50-100 members with full time preachers who happened to live in the church’s house on said property. None close in geographical locations. All preachers were required to visit the sick, shut-ins, go to the bank and post office and other places in their own autos. None of these congregations are aware of this story and names have been left off for good reasons. Have asked for permission to name the preachers but want that in writing before those details are given. That will make this real for Elders and business men across the brotherhood.

The problem is that all three preachers have had serious accidents in their own autos to such a degree that they are no longer able to preach. Since the congregations had to have a new preacher they were also asked to move out of the houses that provided for their families so that the new preacher would have a place to live. No job, no disability income, and now no place to live.

Solution? Workers Compensation Insurance. Would have cost about $4-500 per year. Still does. There are no limits to the medical coverage. Remember if this is work related it is covered. There would also be some disability income – enough to provide a family of four all the groceries needed. Yes, I still know this is not perfect but in my humble opinion it is more than a moral obligation to provide for the employee(s) of the church on a local level. And this is what we are telling all the elders and business men with whom we come in contact. Let’s not have more preachers on this list.